Safety Box 0713VI



Product Size: 150 x 400 x 350mm
Material: Steel (Door: 5mm / Body: 1.5mm)
Rated Power: 4-6V
Open Method: Top loading door

Product Features

  • Digital Electronic Keypad with LED Display: Allows for easy and secure access to the safe with a user-friendly electronic keypad and clear LED display.
  • Back Up Key Included: Provides an alternative method of access in case of battery failure or keypad malfunction.
  • Fixing Bolts Supplied: Includes fixing bolts for secure installation on brick walls or concrete floors, enhancing stability and theft deterrence.
  • Key Override Facility: Equipped with a key override facility for added peace of mind, offering backup access with the included keys.
  • Advanced Electronic Locking System: Utilizes an advanced electronic locking system with high-security anti-tamper or bounce solenoid locking technology for enhanced protection against unauthorized access.
  • Twin Live Locking Bolts: Features twin live locking bolts for increased security, providing additional resistance against forced entry attempts.
  • Concealed Internal Hinges: Incorporates concealed internal hinges to prevent tampering and enhance security by keeping the hinges hidden from view.
  • Available in Black Color: Optionally available in black color (Version: SV) for aesthetic versatility to complement different interior settings.

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