About Us

About Us

The EKS story began in Smålandsstenar, Sweden in 1945. Mindful of the need for health awareness, EKS started to produce household scales at the production facilities in Sweden and France in the early 1960’s.

At EKS the ambition has been to deliver customer centered products, ranges of viable wellness solutions that facilitate a healthier and better lifestyle. We believe that simplicity is key to the best user experience.

The EKS team feels passionately about creating outstanding and sustainable products so that today EKS has become a worldwide provider of wellness solution articles. The ranges span from household appliances, health management devices to air disinfection appliances, all designed to offer customers a healthier and happier style of living.


Core Values



Sustainable wellness solutions for your quality of life

EKS ambition is to be the most compelling wellness solution provider. This is achieved by customer centered awareness and utilizing modern technology to enhance their well-being.

Achieve the best experience through simplicity of use

EKS wish to offer the best user experience through outstanding products and competent customer services, so that consumers can monitor their health status with ease and initiate a better living environment.



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