Humidifier 0229VI



Product Size:275*275*375mm
Case Material:HIPS
Power Supply:220V/50HZ
Rated Power:23W
Water Tank Capacity:4L
Max Output:480mL/h

Product Features

  • Fog-Free Humidification: Provides clear, fog-free humidification for improved visibility and comfort.
  • Three Fan Speeds Control: Offers three fan speed settings to customize airflow and humidity levels according to preferences and room size.
  • PET Filter: Utilizes a PET filter for effective air filtration, removing impurities and providing clean, fresh air.
  • Accurate Adjustable Humidistat: Allows precise adjustment of humidity levels between 40-90%, ensuring optimal comfort and health.
  • Negative Ions: Emits negative ions to freshen the air and promote a cleaner environment by neutralizing pollutants and allergens.
  • UV Sterilization: Incorporates UV sterilization technology to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes, enhancing air purity.
  • Sleep Mode: Operates quietly and with reduced lighting in sleep mode, providing a peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Child Lock: Includes a child lock feature to prevent accidental changes to settings and ensure safety around children.

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