Air Purifier 0263VI

Air Purifier


EKS Air Purifier 0263VI, merging the worlds of music and air purification into one seamless experience. This groundbreaking purifier is designed to elevate your environment, providing both clean air and immersive sound.

Product Size:190 x 190 x 290 mm
Case Material:ABS
Power Supply:DC24V1.0A
Rated Power:10W
Bluetooth Version:5.0
Bluetooth Distance:10m
Noise Level:90dB
Speaker Parameters: 4Ω 5W

Product Features

  • Bluetooth Speaker and Air Purifier Combo: The Air Purifier 0263VI seamlessly integrates a high-quality Bluetooth speaker with advanced air purification technology, offering the perfect blend of sound and purity.
  • Negative Ions: Releases negative ions to neutralize airborne pollutants, promoting a refreshing atmosphere and enhancing air quality.
  • Effective PM2.5 Removal: Utilizes cutting-edge filtration technology to remove PM2.5 particles, ensuring cleaner and healthier air for you and your loved ones.
  • Dust and Odor Removal: Helps eliminate dust and odors, leaving your space fresh and revitalized.
  • Low Noise Operation: Operates at a whisper-quiet 35dB, ensuring minimal disruption to your environment while maintaining optimal air purification.
  • Quiet Sleep Mode: Features a sleep mode with noise levels under 55dB, allowing for a peaceful and uninterrupted night’s rest.

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