O3 Sterilizer 2004VI

O3 Sterilizer


EKS Ozone Sterilizer 2004VI represents a breakthrough in sterilization technology, providing unparalleled protection against germs, viruses, and odors. With its innovative features and sustainable design, this device is the ultimate solution for complete sterilization in any environment.

Product Size:85.8×150.7×41.5mm
Case Material:ABS
Power Supply: DC12V / 1.2A
Rated Power:9W
Coverage Area:15-50m2

Product Features

  • Strong Oxidizer: The Ozone Sterilizer 2004VI is a potent oxidizer, effectively eliminating germs and odors, leaving surfaces pristine and fresh.
  • Surface Disinfection: Destroys infectious germs, viruses, microbes, protozoa, and oocysts on surfaces, providing comprehensive sterilization.
  • Lifetime Zero Consumables: With no need for consumables, the Ozone Sterilizer 2004VI offers cost-effective and sustainable disinfection solutions.
  • Patented Low Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator: Incorporates patented technology for the safe and efficient generation of ozone, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  • Transformation of Toluene and Ozone: Toluene and ozone are transformed into water and carbon dioxide, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Transformation of Formaldehyde and Ozone: Formaldehyde and ozone are transformed into water and carbon dioxide, promoting eco-friendly sterilization.

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